Life Sciences Connect

Our podcast series on the Life Sciences Industry

Life Sciences Connect explores the big issues, the emerging trends and the cutting edge innovations that are shaping the Life Sciences Industry. Each month, we will connect with industry experts and leaders from the Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industries to discuss how key trends, explored in our research reports, are charting a new, sustainable future for the Life Sciences Industry.

Episode #4: Scaling Biotech companies in challenging times
The Biotech sector is a key player in driving biopharma innovation and developing ground-breaking treatments for patients. Supporting the growth of this sector is vital to ensure that R&D efforts continue, both now and in the future. However, like most industries, this sector faces a complex set of challenges. In the fourth episode of Life Sciences Connect, we explore these challenges and the opportunities facing the Biotech Industry.

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Episode #3: Transforming Drug Supply Chains
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges, highlighting the limitations of traditional linear supply chains and acting as a catalyst for the acceleration of digital transformation. In the third episode of Life Sciences Connect, we explore digital transformation of biopharma supply chains and adoption of artificial intelligence.

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Episode #2: The Future of Health
In the second episode of Life Sciences Connect, we explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the move towards the Future of Health, where technology and data enable health care that is more personalised, predictive, preventative and participatory.

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Episode #1: Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials
For our first episode, we explore the use of Artificial Intelligence in clinical trials and how regulators are embracing new technologies. The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption to ongoing clinical trials. In response, regulatory bodies have issued patient safety-focused guidance advising sponsors to employ a risk-based approach to implementing COVID-19 contingency plans.

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