Episode #16: Negating the public health gap with Dr Karen Kirkham and Sara Siegel

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On this episode of Life Sciences Connect podcast, we discuss the issues outlined in our fourth report in the Future of Public Health series with our panel of experts:

  • Dr Karen Kirkham, Chief Medical Officer and Lead Partner for Integration in Deloitte’s Health and Social Care team
  • Sara Siegel, Deloitte’s UK and EMEA Head of Healthcare

And of course, our host, Karen Taylor, Research Director, Centre for Health Solutions, Deloitte

Episode sixteen of the Life Science Connect podcast dives deeper into the debate around how a concerted focus on prevention and health promotion can help increase healthy life years and reduce health inequalities.


Karen Taylor
Research Director, Centre for Health Solutions

Karen is the Research Director of the Centre for Health Solutions. She supports the Healthcare and Life Sciences practice by driving independent and objective business research and analysis into key industry challenges and associated solutions; generating evidence based insights and points of view on issues from pharmaceuticals and technology innovation to healthcare management and reform.

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Sara Siegel
Deloittes UK and EMEA Head of Healthcare

Sara is the Lead Client Service Partner (LCSP) for the health account in the UK and across North and South Europe. She has worked with the NHS and healthcare clients for the last 20 years in the UK and across Europe. Our healthcare practice has broad capabilities including digital transformation, net zero, supply chain, governance & leadership, operational improvement, and AI and robotic tools to improve the speed and quality of NHS services and to release more time for direct patient care.

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Dr. Karen Kirkham
Chief Medical Officer and Lead Partner for Integration in Deloitte’s Health and Social Care team

Karen is a Partner in health consulting and is the Chief Medical Offiicer in the UK practice. A strong and credible clinical leader, she has 30 years clinical experience complemented with significant leadership and executive roles, detailed knowledge of commissioning, transformation, and delivery of healthcare at scale. Karen is a change leader for health, working collaboratively to shape health services fit for the future.

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