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Population Health Capabilities

Ageing populations and rising patient expectations, together with increasing budget constraints for health and social care, call for innovative solutions.

In the UK, there is a growing consensus that if health care is to be sustainable it must shift from treating ill health when it occurs to prevention and maintaining the wellbeing of individuals. It is also widely recognised that in order to maintain and improve the health of populations, greater focus on social care and wider social determinants is required.

Population health management (PHM) is the concept of gathering data about public health and wellbeing across multiple care and service settings, and analysing it, with a view to identifying the most prevalent needs of a community. PHM is increasingly seen as an essential component for ensuring the sustainability of health, given its focus on developing an integrated, value-based approach that meets the health and wellbeing needs of today’s citizens.

Our playbook is based on extensive reviews of the literature and our long experience working across health economies in the UK and internationally. We highlight the key capabilities that, if adopted at scale, will make population health management a reality.

Population Health Capabilities
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