Episode #14: Post COP26, our hopes for a healthier future

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In episode fourteen of the Life Science Connect podcast, we dive into the conversation around planetary health and the interrelationships between climate change and healthcare. Following COP26, our hopes for a healthier future by tackling healthcare’s impact on climate change as well as the impact of climate change on people’s health.

Joining the panel is James Gregson, Lisa Dittmar, Will Saddington and our host Karen Taylor

In episode fourteen of the Life Science Connect podcast, we dive into the conversation around planetary health and sustainability in healthcare. Following COP26, it is important that we discuss points around the fundamental risk of climate change and how it impacts our health as well as healthcare delivery and its impact on climate.

On this episode of Life Science’s Connect podcast, we discuss these issues further with Deloitte experts on the panel, including:

  • James Gregson: Managing Partner, UK Life Sciences and Healthcare leader and Global Life Sciences and Healthcare ESG leader, Deloitte
  • Lisa Dittmar: Manager, Deloitte’s Net Zero Transformation team, Monitor Deloitte
  • Will Saddlington: Director in the consulting practice, Deloitte

And of course, our host, Karen Taylor, Research Director, Centre for Health Solutions, Deloitte

Our recent future of public health report series includes report titled “Bridging the gap: Protecting the nation from public health threats”, where we highlight the issues of climate change and the fundamental threat it poses health as well as how healthcare delivery itself impacts the environment.

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Karen Taylor
Research Director, UK Centre for Health Solutions

Karen is the Research Director of the Centre for Health Solutions. She supports the Healthcare and Life Sciences practice by driving independent and objective business research and analysis into key industry challenges and associated solutions; generating evidence based insights and points of view on issues from pharmaceuticals and technology innovation to healthcare management and reform.

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James Gregson
Partner, UK Life Sciences & Healthcare industry

James has many years’ experience of working with some of the largest global pharmaceutical businesses, driving and leading cross-disciplinary teams from multiple geographies and businesses.

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Lisa Dittmar
Manager, Net Zero Transformation Healthcare
Deloitte UK

Lisa is a net zero strategist within Monitor Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting’s strategy division. She works within the healthcare and life sciences sector to support clients set their vision for their net zero journey. In particular, she looks at the confluence of data, strategy, and climate-friendly design within the healthcare and life sciences context.

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Will Saddington
Director, Public Sector Health and Supply Chain Sustinability
Deloitte UK

Will leads Deloitte’s Public Sector Health Supply Chain practice in the UK, focusing on the interconnect between procurement and supply chain efficiency and the drive for more purposeful, less harmful operations. Will is passionate about both healthcare and planetary health, and the role Deloitte can have in reducing the negative climate impacts of Healthcare as an industry, whilst enhancing Health systems’ own ability to react to changes in climate; ensuring resilience and equitable access to care.

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