Veeva R&D Summit 2020

19-20 May 2020

Join us online

The Veeva R&D Summit, Europe will now be hosted as an online experience from 19-20 May. At the summit, you can:

  • Learn from industry leaders
    Find out how industry leaders are transforming the drug development process and how you can apply their learnings to your processes.
  • See what’s coming next
    Veeva R&D Summit will showcase the latest innovations and enhancements to improve operations across the drug development process.
  • Collaborate with colleagues
    Throughout the various tracks and sessions, you’ll be able to connect with industry contacts who face similar challenges, share best practices and learnings, and strategize on your project’s next steps.

To register for the summit, please visit the Veeva Summit registration page.

Veeva R&D Summit 2020


Deloitte session: The impact of COVID-19 - Accelerating remote trials

COVID-19 has caused widespread disruption ongoing clinical trials for many biopharma companies as patients have been unable to make frequent visits to investigational sites for monitoring and data collection.

In response, international regulatory bodies have issued patient safety-focused guidance advising sponsors to employs a risk-based approach to implementing COVID-19 contingency plans. This guidance calls for the industry to consult with investigators and ethics committees to modify existing protocols and prioritising patient safety by encouraging a shift to virtual visits.

With a vaccine for COVID-19 estimated to be 18-24 months away, there has been an accelerated shift towards remote/decentralised trials. This short presentation discusses how adopting a “new normal” for clinical trial operations can help improve future R&D efficiency and return on investment once the pandemic has subsided.

While the idea of a remote or digital trial is not new, COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to implementing remote, decentralised trials. To discuss any of the considerations for virtual clinical trial adoption mentioned in the video, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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