Scaling-up journey in partnership with Deloitte

Small to medium-sized life sciences companies are now at the forefront of innovation in the search for new cures and hope for patients. However, medtech and biotech companies face significant challenges related to navigating the business life cycle, including securing IP, managing R&D, raising funds (including IPO), launching product/portfolio and expanding geographically. Next generation therapies (such as gene and cell therapies) also add another layer of complexity in managing regulations, the supply chain and the patient journey.

What is Biotech-in-a-box™?

Deloitte’s Biotech-in-a-box™️ aims to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ to support the growth of small to mid-cap life sciences companies by leveraging Deloitte’s whole portfolio of capabilities. Our global footprint of over 9,000 practitioners in over 90 countries and work with leading companies across the life sciences industry spans across a diverse range of cross-functional capabilities (including Strategy, Research, Commercialisation, Tax, Finance, Legal, Supply Chain, Regulatory, Technology and Human Resource). We have expertise in delivery (the design, build and run of research/commercial operations), partnership (assessing partnership options, finding the right partner and delivering the right risk/reward relationship), launch of products or services (supported >100 launch-related efforts in the last 12 months), and have experience supporting the unique needs of small and mid-cap companies specifically.

To ensure successful build and scale-up of the enterprise, defining the capability requirements for successful launch is key. We support biotech and medtech companies in understanding what maturity level is optimal, which capabilities need to be fully operational and by when, how to overcome key challenges in acquiring specific capabilities and which to build in-house vs. outsource, all based on their launch strategies, priorities and goals. We would like to partner with biotech and medtech companies and de-risk the scaling-up journey. The level of Deloitte’s involvement as a strategic partner can take a variety of forms, ranging from Deloitte being on-site and leading the execution to full autonomy for the partners, with Deloitte providing assistance as and when necessary as a strategic advisor. 



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Realising a biotech’s potential

What is required to scale successfully?

Biotech’s presence in overall biopharma research and development has been increasing in recent years with a leading role in developing COVID-19 vaccines or treatments today.

Evolutionary stages for a Life Sciences company

Check the typical business questions on the scaling-up journey and Deloitte’s point of view.

1. Pre-Revenue2. Commercialisation3. ScalingPre-Commercial & First Product Launch PlanningCommercial & Supply ChainCapability DevelopmentGrowth by Organic &Non-Organic StrategiesCapital/RevenueTimeFirst Product LaunchMulti-Asset Portfolio12345678

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Hanno Ronte


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Li Xiaofeng

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