At Deloitte, we're driven by a commitment to make an impact that matters on business and society. That commitment is now seeing us focus our time and effort on one of the UK's most pressing issues - the healthcare workforce shortage.

Shortage of doctors

In order to meet the OECD EU average of 4 doctors per 1,000 people, the UK requires 40,0001 more doctors.

30% of time spent on documentation

Clinicians spend up to 30%2 of their time on documentation – time that could be better spent helping their patients.

25 years

It would take 25 years3 to address the NHS workforce shortage if we continue using current methods to ease the burden.

We believe that through innovation and artificial intelligence (AI), we can help transform healthcare in the UK.

Introducing Clinify

We've set up the Clinify business with a clear goal: to use AI to boost the capacity of the NHS workforce and to help transform the delivery of healthcare.

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We believe our software as a medical device capabilities could have a real impact

Solutions that can make clinical administrative decisions and recommendations (software as a medical device (SAMD)) will free-up capacity and boost productivity within healthcare. And so, we've become a regulated manufacturer of software as a medical device to launch our own products.

The problem

Over 17 million referrals4 are sent to outpatients across the UK, every single year. Reviewing these referrals takes more than 1.4 million hours5 – and the triage decisions themselves can sometimes be inconsistent.

The solution

Clinify ReferAssist is our answer to this challenge. It is UKCA-marked as a Class 1 Medical Device and has been recognised with an NHS-X AI Award. The technology facilitates clinical decision-making, using AI to support the process of triaging GP referral letters.

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Saves clinicians’ time

ReferAssist uses the latest techniques in artificial intelligence to support the process of triaging GP referral letters.

Seamless integration

Our technology can connect to national electronic referral services, enabling a seamless user experience and accelerated adoption.

Meets national guidelines

The product has been designed to meet national guidelines as defined by NICE, ensuring we follow best clinical practice for patient pathway management.

Meets regulatory standards

Clinify ReferAssist has been developed to comply with the regulatory requirements of software as a medical device in the UK.

Meet some of the team

Our team can support you with using AI to transform clinical processes and patient care. With over 75 years of clinical experience, the Clinify team at Deloitte is made up of AI specialists, clinicians, research professionals, data scientists, software engineers, and regulatory experts who can transform your processes at scale.

How do we work?

Our dedicated team of clinicians, research professionals and software engineers work closely with other industry leaders in the clinical space to identify problems and co-develop solutions for the biggest challenges facing UK healthcare.

Leveraging Deloitte's experience of supporting more than 250 NHS organisations for over 20 years, we have developed a robust, rigorous and collaborative approach to building products. The products we've developed meet UK Medical Device Regulation and integrate with existing systems and processes, so clinicians can be confident that they're both easy and safe to use. Additionally, they are compliant with ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus, Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) compliant and we measure our performance through the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

Furthermore, our clinicians have completed training in clinical risk management and have experience working as Clinical Safety Officers, putting clinical safety at the core of everything that we offer.

Our guiding principles


Co-design and co-develop solutions alongside organisations in healthcare


Deliver products using pragmatic technology


Instil academic rigour by evaluating our products with leading universities


Integrate with existing processes, enabling minimal implementation effort

Leader in Data and Analytics Services since 2014, Gartner, 2022

Leader in Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Services, IDC MarketScape, 2023

Sources - Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics Service Providers 2022 | IDC MarketScape: Leader in Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Services 2023 Vendor Assessment, May 2023

Join the movement to revolutionise healthcare

We're passionate about empowering more organisations to embrace the opportunity technology offers, to revolutionise healthcare.

If you're in the healthcare space and want to make a difference to this challenge, our team of strategy specialists, product managers, engineers and clinicians are here to help if you need to amplify your own technology capabilities. With expertise across artificial intelligence and health data science, as well as clinical risk management and medical device regulation, we can help you build new functionality and custom products.

Drawing on our expertise, we’ve recently supported eConsult with the build of AI Navigator – the AI engine that supports their eConsult Smart Inbox. AI Navigator is the AI engine which helps Primary Care Practice networks to manage demand of eConsults and, connects patients to the most appropriate clinician more quickly.

We collaborated with the Clinify team at Deloitte to develop our product strategy and build functionality that automatically triages patient consultation requests to the most suitable pathway of care. Clinify approached the project with care and expertise, resulting in technology that not only saves time but is safe to use; jointly earning us an NHS-X AI Award. We relied heavily on their specialist healthcare AI capabilities, and we continue to do so, helping us to optimise the product.

Dr Murray Ellender


We can help you across the full life cycle of AI transformation and Software as a Medical Device development

Our capabilities include:

  • Problem discovery and opportunity assessment
  • Concept development and innovation business case
  • Prototype development and testing in line with medical device regulations
  • IP strategy
  • Clinical evaluation
  • Regulatory approval
  • Product launch and go-to-market strategy
  • Client implementation and change management
  • Post-market surveillance
  • Commercial scaling

Our thinking

Deep dive into our thoughts on the UK’s Healthcare and the Life Sciences sector in our 'Thoughts from the Centre’.

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We’re saving time for clinicians, so they can focus on patient care.

If you can see a problem that’s worth solving, or if you’d like to know more about Clinify, please contact us.

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