Industrials Outlook 2018

Buoyant performance and outlook despite challenges

In 2017 the industrials sector was characterised by robust performance, continued digital transformation and uncertainty relating to the future regulatory landscape. In this outlook we consider the biggest opportunities and challenges in 2018.

We examine, with considerations for sub-sectors, the challenges relating to:

  • Digital and technology – with developments in Industry 4.0 and its ramifications for production, supply-chain processes and interactions with the end-customer. The innovations that businesses invest in will support productivity across the sector. 
  • People – as businesses continue to seek to attract, develop and retain talent in the most cost-effective way. This will be important to develop the capabilities of employees across the industry to ensure the best people are available to meet growing demand.
  • Regulation and policy – and the business response to the new landscape, particularly the uncertainty relating to Brexit and also in relation to the introduction of GDPR which will require businesses to prepare and adjust with minimal disruption.
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