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Reigniting Growth – the Chemical Reaction

Chemicals and materials: triggering growth

Following decades of volatile returns, the materials and chemicals industries need a new approach to trigger recovery. In our report, Reigniting Growth – Advanced Material Systems, we set a new way to pursue opportunities in large markets.

Moving the frontier of innovation

Reigniting Growth: Advanced Materials Systems describes a new approach for manufacturing sectors. The approach is enabled by technologies beyond new molecules and materials.

With the Advanced Materials Systems (AMS) approach, you can promote growth, value and innovation through inventive combinations of:

  • Materials
  • Process technologies
  • Business models
  • Partnerships
  • Collaborations

Rethinking value creation
Global trends have created opportunities to enter new markets with functional solutions. These are achievable through systems-level engineering.  

If your business operates in the AMS sector, this study will help you identify and exploit new opportunities in this complex, evolving landscape.

Download Reigniting growth – Advanced Materials Systems.

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