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Audiobook: Global Human Capital Trends 2021 European special report

In this special episode of our Humanising the Future of Work podcast, we have added the audiobook of the Global Human Capital Trends 2021 European Special Report. As organisations emerge slowly from COVID-19 and shift from surviving to thriving, it will be essential to move away from having adjacent and discrete programmes and incentives to employing a more dynamic approach to managing human capital. In this audiobook, we ‘deep dive’ into five human capital trends to explore how organisations can empower their workforce and capitalise on unique human strengths, even as disruption is continually resetting the path forward.

The chapter timings are as follows

  • Introduction: The social enterprise in a world disrupted
    00:00 – 04:18
  • Trend 1: Designing work for wellbeing
    04:20 – 17:59
  • Trend 2: Beyond reskilling
    18:02 – 30:32
  • Trend 3: Superteams
    30:34 – 41:49
  • Trend 4: Governing workforce strategies
    41:52 – 55:11
  • Trend 5: A memo to HR
    55:13 – 1:07:17
  • Leading the shift from survive to thrive
    1:07:19 – 1:11:24
  • Acknowledgements
    1:11:26 – 1:12:28

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Will Gosling
UK Human Capital Consulting Leader

Will is the UK Human Capital Consulting Leader and leads the UK CHRO Transition and Development programme. He advises private sector clients, specialising in the Technology, Media and Telecoms industry, in the areas of organisation transformation, employee engagement and HR effectiveness

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Richard Coombes

Richard has many years of HR expertise and specializes in architecting and delivering complex HR Transformation programmes and helping organisations get the most from their people.

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Melissa Bramwell
Human Capital

Melissa is a Director in our Human capital practice, who leads UK Deloitte Future of HR proposition. She has extensive experience working across multiple large scale global transformation programmes helping clients shape, deliver and communicate complex transformational outcomes.

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Anastasiia Polner
Assistant Research Manager

Anastasiia is an Assistant Research Manager and conducts actionable research on such topics as intelligent automation, future of work and artificial intelligence.

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Download the report here.

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