UK Timber market

M&A insights and current market themes

June 2021

The last year has been an unprecedented time for all and the UK Timber market is no exception. While there have been significant challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the industry’s resilience and adaptability.

This report has been prepared by Deloitte’s Construction & Building Products M&A team and focusses on current market themes and the M&A activity over the last few years.

Insights at a glance

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on activity levels

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the UK Timber market. Shifts in Consumer spending and UK government measures have supported activity levels over and above the V-shaped recovery of the building products market as a whole.


Sustainability and Modern Methods of Construction

Beyond the impact of the pandemic there are a number of significant market themes in particular a continued focus on sustainability and modern methods of construction.


UK Timber mid-market M&A activity

Despite the disruption 2020 closed with Timber market transactions matching previous years - effectively translating the resilience seen by Timber businesses during the pandemic into M&A activity.


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