Deloitte recruitment drive targets talented students

A total of 1,750 entry-level jobs are being offered by Deloitte through a major new recruitment scheme

Friday 4 July 2014

Some 1,750 entry-level positions have been opened for application by Deloitte, the business advisory firm, this week.

While positions for school leavers and university students will be made available through the various schemes offered by the firm, more than 1,000 of them will be designed for graduates.

Although academic achievements remain important, Deloitte said it also assess applicants based on the work and life experience they have built up.

Along with former school students, it said the new jobs will be open to university graduates who have gained a degree in any type of discipline.

'Quality over quantity'

Fiona Walker, talent partner for student recruitment at the company, said Deloitte is keen to focus on the quality of new recruits, rather than the quantity.

She added: “We are actively seeking a wider breadth of backgrounds and experience from the entry-level applicants that we take on.

“We are passionate about developing the leaders of the future and believe we can offer unparalleled training and quality careers to our entry-level recruits.”

Ms Walker said the job opportunities should prove attractive to those who are keen to learn new skills, while possessing drive, ambition and an "overall career-mindedness".

Ongoing schemes

Some of the jobs on offer through the recruitment drive will form part of Deloitte’s ongoing BrightStart scheme.

Through this initiative, school leavers who have just completed their A-levels can study for a professional qualification while working for the business at the same time.

Deloitte has also reminded talented young people about the work placement opportunities which it regularly offers.

The Summer Vacation Scheme, which provides a paid placement over three to six weeks, and industrial placements - designed for university students - are among them.

Meanwhile, the group’s Scholar Scheme enables school leavers to take a gap year before they move on to higher education. Bursary funding is provided through this scheme so that young people can broaden their skills by travelling, while work experience is also offered.

School leavers and university students can learn more about the opportunities available to them online.


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