Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome
“Stories without borders brings to life the difference we’re making thanks to the strength of our network, our diversity of skills, and our expertise. I hope you enjoy some of our best stories!”
Richard Houston, Senior Partner and CEO, Deloitte North and South Europe
We're Deloitte North and South Europe.

Welcome. Let us show you around.

You probably don’t know but there are more than 55,000 of us working across 28 countries in Europe and the Middle East.

We’re all part of one North and South Europe firm. From serving our clients, providing opportunities for our people and supporting our communities, we bring our diversity of skills to bear on everything we do.

This report helps showcase some of the best stories of our work from across NSE. How we support our clients on what matters most. Our response to the climate emergency – as a firm and with our clients. And what we’re doing to improve our society now and into the future.

As one team we work across borders with a common purpose – to make an impact that matters for our clients, our people and broader society.

So... hello! We hope you enjoy our stories without borders.