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In a year of unprecedented challenges – global conflicts, rising inflation and tax – what does this mean for businesses and how they adapt to a changing market place?  

As Deloitte NSE, we help our clients to navigate the changing landscape.  

Building a super plan for sustainability

Deloitte Italy work with leading financial institutions to support homeowners making vital green renovations, quickly.

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Stay connected, stay healthy: the Vodafone Centre for Health with Deloitte

Used in the right way, technology has a significant role to play in health services that are evolving to meet the needs of a 5G future – sustainability, accessibility, and value for money.

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How tech is transforming tax: e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia

Breaking new ground to build a system for the future

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Can robots speak Icelandic? They’re learning…

A nation unites to make smart speech recognition more inclusive.

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