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Deloitte launches Deloitte Pixel

New Enterprise Crowdsourcing capability harnesses the power of open innovation to deliver results-based solutions that can solve clients’ most complex challenges faster, more efficiently.

23 May 2016

New Enterprise Crowdsourcing capability harnesses the power of open innovation to deliver results-based solutions that can solve clients’ most complex challenges faster, more efficiently.

Deloitte, the global professional services organisation, today announced the launch of Deloitte Pixel™, a worldwide enterprise crowdsourcing offering. This capability enables Deloitte teams and clients to leverage external crowds to access specific, difficult-to-find expertise, collaborate to develop new products or ideas, and even design, build and test new digital assets. With a depth of experience and capabilities, Deloitte Pixel™ is ago-to source for crowdsourcing advisory and delivery services.

Deloitte’s methodology for crowdsourcing involves breaking large problems into smaller pieces—pixels—and inviting individuals to contribute in a way that is time-bound and skill-specific, resulting in faster, better, and often less-costly outcomes. Deloitte Pixel™ works with teams to pixelate large efforts and assess which crowd vendor is best to execute on particular pieces of work. Over the past two years, Deloitte Pixel™ has established an ecosystem of leading crowdsourcing vendors—including Topcoder, 10EQS, Wikistrat and InCrowd—to help create seamless solutions that leverage the power of crowds, of Deloitte, and its ecosystems.

Deloitte Pixel™ has already been used with major clients, and across industries, to help address a variety of issues, from market insight to digital design and development, customer engagement, operations, and talent strategy.

“Today, the online crowd is helping enterprises tackle a wide range of challenges, from menial tasks to more complex needs requiring specialised skills,” said Jim Moffatt, Deloitte Global Consulting CEO. “We are seeing spectacular results, too, in certain situations, by creating better and more-scalable solutions at lower costs than even the best in-house teams. Pixel is just one part of Deloitte’s comprehensive talent strategy, which includes implementing internal Crowd efforts and other open-talent models.”

Crowdsourced idea generation has been an often-used approach in consumer product companies and government agencies, but is now going mainstream, increasingly embedded in the core business activities of small and large enterprises alike.

In 2014, Gartner predicted that 75 percent of high-performing enterprises will use crowdsourcing in some form by 2018.

“Crowdsourcing is increasingly becoming a powerful tool for enterprises,” said Andrew Vaz, Deloitte Global Chief Innovation Officer. “Deloitte has invested more than two years in testing and incubating the Deloitte Pixel™ crowdsourcing offering. Through continuous experimentation, developing strategic relationships with leading crowdsourcing vendors, and executing nearly 100 crowdsourcing projects, Deloitte teams have in depth experience with enterprise crowdsourcing.”

Carl Bates, Deloitte UK’s lead partner for crowdsourcing, said: “Crowdsourcing is not just for start-ups. The crowd can offer enterprises an innovative way to find new solutions to traditional problems while creating opportunities for individuals to change the way they work and learn new skills. At Deloitte, we are not aiming to build a crowdsourcing platform, but rather, to grow a ‘crowd of crowds’ which allows us, where appropriate, to take a crowdsourced approach to solving our clients problems.”

“Pixel has been a game-changing complement to our core consulting services,” said Richard Walker, principal in Deloitte Consulting (US) covering banking and securities firms. “Using Pixel, we have been able to take new ideas to the crowd in the form of challenges and then collaborate with clients to evaluate and incorporate those ideas to accelerate our effort and our clients’ results. And, our clients have been absolutely blown away by the speed and quality of what we’ve done.”

Deloitte Pixel™ is the result of collaborative efforts involving Deloitte professionals in several different countries, including the US, UK, South Africa, Australia, and Canada. Over the next five years, Deloitte intends to make a significant investment in Deloitte Pixel™ to expand its crowdsourcing capabilities and service footprint, and drive continued evolution and sophistication in the enterprise crowdsourcing market. To learn more about Deloitte Pixel™, please click here.


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