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Private Equity

Advice and insight at every stage of the PE lifecycle

Deloitte's Private Equity practice has strong and trusted relationships with some of the world’s leading investors, funds and portfolio companies. Our in-depth understanding of the private equity industry enables us to provide valuable insights and innovative solutions across the entire private equity lifecycle.

What makes us different

We recognise that private equity represents one of the most challenging industries for executives, characterised by its intense, fast paced environment, driven by an absolute focus on building and realising value within condensed timescales. That’s why our work with the world's leading private equity businesses aims to deliver value across the entire private equity lifecycle.

Who we help

  • Private equity investors
  • Private equity funds
  • Private equity-backed businesses

Private equity investors

With over 500 private equity professionals in the UK and a broader network of 1,500 practitioners globally, our PE practice combines deep client relationships with a strong local presence and international reach. Our services span financial advisory, audit, tax and consulting and include deal origination; deal structuring; deal planning, strategy and tactics; valuations; exit planning and execution; management advisory; management buy-ins and buy-outs; and debt finance.

Private equity backed businesses

Our core approach to supporting PE-backed businesses is an understanding of and alignment to your PE lifecycle. From acquisition through the mid-cycle growth phase towards exit and beyond - identifying the correct strategy is a critical component to improve chances of success. Our dedicated team of experts work closely with management teams to provide bespoke business solutions for PE-backed businesses – from M&A and international expansion, to value creation, working with PE investors, IPO and exit.

Key contact

Chris Hyams

Chris Hyams


Chris heads Deloitte’s UK private equity business and has been responsible for the London Transaction Services Private Equity business since 2010. Chris has been working with Private Equity for well o... More