APCC & NPCC Partnership Summit 2022

We are delighted to sponsor the APCC & NPCC Partnership Summit 2022.

This is a turbulent time for policing in the UK. Policing demand and complexity has grown as its mission has expanded from policing the traditional public sphere, into the private sphere and now the digital sphere. This shift has brought with it new questions about policing legitimacy. It has also brought with it demands that stretch the limits of the current policing model, be it the traditional force structure in the face of cross-border crime, or the resourcing model as policing keeps pace with the necessary digital skills.

But there is cause for optimism about service’s abilities to meet the challenges and opportunities they face. The sector continues to find new ways of working and responding to a rapidly changing societal context. New investment in resources provides policing with the opportunity to tackle some of the major crime and safety challenges facing society.

It will also require a renewed relationship between policing and its partners in the private sector, academia and beyond. Be it the provision of bespoke skills into collaborative teams focussed on operational challenges, or access to increased capacity to deal with surge demand, for example in digital evidence.

Whatever the changes and evolving context, the core policing mission remains the same; cutting crime and improving public confidence. In this context, this year’s Partnership Summit is an important point of reflection, discussion and action and we are delighted to play our part in this important work.

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