Borders, Trade & Migration

Connecting people, technology and data to transform the way passengers and goods move across international borders.


Bringing together the ecosystem of public and private sector organisations to increase public safety, enable international trade and enhance the flow of passengers and goods

International borders are much more than just lines on a map. They are both critical national infrastructure and an enabler of services, key to the growth and stability of economies and the security of countries.

Transporting goods, people and services across international borders securely and safely can create enormous economic opportunities and make a wide range of different demands on governments. Much can be gained from an efficient, secure border that supports the national interest and facilitates the aims of businesses and individuals. The ecosystem of partners before, at and after the border have similar sets of objectives in relation to security, flow, revenue and growth. They can however, ascribe different levels of importance to each and, as a result, governments, ports, carriers and their customers can fail to deliver the most effective solutions. There can be constant tension between the objectives and those responsible for achieving them. The recent climate – including the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, globalisation of trade and rapid technological change - has even more so disrupted the balance of these objectives.

By taking advantage of emerging technologies, leveraging the power of data and improving collaboration across the ecosystem of partner, the movement of people and goods across international borders can be transformed and the balance of objectives can be restored to achieve the Connected Border of the future.

Movement of people

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Facilitating International Trade

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Seamless Flow & Digital identity

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