Higher education futures podcast

Challenges ahead for the UK higher education sector

The UK higher education sector remains a global leader, generating over £30 billion annually for the UK economy. However, to retain this position it must address the growing challenges to become financially sustainable and customer centric.


Julie Mercer, Head of Global Industry and Lead for Education at Deloitte joins Glynne Stanfield and Neil Stewart for the Policy Review podcast to explore the challenges for the higher education sector in the UK over the coming years following the election of a new Government including:

  • Operating in a global market
  • Rising student expectations
  • Increasing costs and revenue options
  • Attracting and retaining global talent
  • Sustaining research and creating innovation

The panel discuss the possible changes we can expect to see, the dilemmas that vice chancellors and their board of governors may face over the coming years, and how the choices they make will affect the future of the UK higher education sector.


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