Deloitte Health Innovation Observatory webinar

Exploring emerging healthcare technologies for the ‘new normal’

June 16 │ 10:00 BST

Hospitals have rapidly embraced new ways of working during the current COVID-19 crisis. As we move into a transition phase for service delivery, many Trusts are now looking at how they utilise or embed new technology and processes to support their current practises and transition to a "new normal" service model.

For many, this will require, embracing new technologies and integrating them into existing processes. This should empower patients, improve productivity and build a digitally-enabled approach to Elective Care, Emergency Departments and Outpatients. At the same time, many will be looking to ensure that changes already made are sustainable and dynamic, and capable of coping with any additional challenges in the future.

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • How healthcare organisations have adopted new technology to enable service models to optimise quality & efficiency, improve patient access and reduce the backlog
  • How rapidly emerging AI and RPA technologies can be used to support the patient pathway, including how Deloitte’s AI enabled theatre scheduling solution can support reduction of the backlog
  • Case studies from e-Consult and Medefer on how they are using technology to support truly virtual patient care


  • Julian Rae, Head of Deloitte Tech Foundry
  • Nicola Newson-Love, Public Sector Health Smart Operations at Deloitte
  • Dr Arvind Madan, Hurley Group GP Partner, Co-Founder of eConsult
  • Dr Edward Bosonnet, Director of Partnerships at Medefer
  • Jim Hearn, Theatres Improvement Lead at Deloitte

Please view and download the presentation slides:

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