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Helping Hampshire find funds for the front line: a digital transformation

Helping Hampshire County Council deliver core services in the face of increasing austerity

Ongoing financial austerity in the UK means local authorities have had to challenge traditional ways of providing core services and managing their corporate functions. Since 2008, Hampshire County Council has delivered approximately £240 million of annual cost savings, with a further £98 million required by 2017.

Our work with Hampshire to develop back-office shared services through our Private Sector Partnership framework has attracted considerable interest across the public sector, both in the UK and internationally.

For example, over 11 months, Deloitte led a programme to help Oxfordshire County Council join Hampshire’s Integrated Business Centre - something we were previously involved in. The Integrated Business Centre provides back-office services for public sector organisations, making use of standardised processes, automation and self-service. It has helped Oxfordshire County Council to reduce operating costs by £700,000 a year as a part of plans for council-wide savings.

Following the implementation process, started in July 2015 and led and directed by us, Oxfordshire Country Council has taken on the Integrated Business Centre’s Finance, HR and Procurement services, deploying it to all council staff, including the Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service and more than 200 schools. This brings the number of employees able to use the online self-service HR capabilities of the Integrated Business Centre to more than 85,000, making it one of the largest operations of its kind in the UK. The financial savings mean councils can invest more resources in front-line services to meet the needs of the most underprivileged in their communities.

Meanwhile, Hampshire County Council is continuing to develop the Integrated Business Centre’s capabilities.

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