Public Services: Digital Engagement

Understanding citizen’s needs

We in the UK are open to more online engagement with the public sector. However, government needs to build trust and offer quality online services to achieve its ‘digital by default’ ambitions. Our report, Making Digital Default – Understanding Citizen Attitudes, provides four vital insights.

Developing online engagement

Our Making Digital Default report is based on an exclusive YouGov survey into people’s acceptance of  government digital services and their appetite for deeper engagement. We drew four key insights from the study:

  • People are open to online government services - 88 per cent of respondents are open to online services - and 18 per cent access government services exclusively online
  • They’d like to do more online – there’s a gap between how extensively people access government services online today and now much they’re willing to in future
  • People worry about government’s ability to protect data – one third of respondents fear government would misuse their data – so the challenge is on for  government to build trust in its digital ability
  • Digital services need to be intuitive – respondents said simplicity and safety were the keys to getting them to ditch offline services in favour of online - they also want more helpful information and clear instructions


Download the Making Digital Default – Understanding Citizen Attitudes report.

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