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The Deloitte NHS Briefing series is aimed at executive and non-executive directors of Foundation Trusts and NHS Trusts, and is also frequently of interest for directors of Clinical Commissioning Groups. These briefings focus on current issues facing the sector and ask the reader a number of questions to help them assess if the issue is being appropriately addressed at their Trust.

June 2016

Selection and assessment of external auditors

From 2017/18 onwards, CCGs and NHS Trusts will be responsible for selecting and appointing their own external auditor. This more closely aligns CCGs and NHS Trusts with NHS Foundation Trusts. In this briefing, we have provided a summary of what is required of CCGs and NHS Trusts between now and the end of December 2016. We have also provided an overview of what CCGs and NHS Trusts may wish to consider when selecting, appointing and assessing the effectiveness of external auditors.

Previous editions

  • Data governance and analytics effectiveness
    Organisations that capture and use high quality data are often more successful at delivering their strategies. For NHS Trusts a lack of accurate, complete and timely data can increase operational and financial risk. Failure to govern and use data effectively could lead to poor patient experiences and reputational damage.
  • The Dalton Review: Implications for providers
    The recently published NHS Five Year Forward View and Dalton review mean that Boards of all NHS providers will need to rapidly consider the implications for their organisations, their response and how to begin to reflect emerging policy on the structure of provision for NHS care in their strategic planning as clinically and financially sustainable organisations.
  • NHS Briefing: Joined up QIPP
    QIPP plans are typically based on initiatives reducing activity, shifting settings of care through alternative care pathways and managing demand within the health care system.
  • NHS briefing: Management of PAS/EPR programme risks
    This NHS Briefing provides further insights into seven key risks and suggested associated actions to mitigate them, which broadly follow a Patient Administration System.
  • NHS briefing: What makes an effective Board?
    We have developed this briefing to explain some of the key governance challenges faced by NHS boards and assist foundation trusts.
  • NHS briefing: The evolving role of FT Governors
    This report is based on a survey which was sent to all NHS foundation trusts and responses were received from around 45% of the total population during May 2013

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