Priorities for 21st century policing

Chapter summary

The debate about the appropriate mission for policing organisations remains as pertinent today as it did when we released last year’s report. National government is now demonstrating a much greater desire to shape and direct the missions and priorities of police forces. With the promised new investment, it is clear that police forces will be expected in some way to demonstrate results.

Prioritisation debates

What is the right set of priorities for police forces? New investment could see increased spend on more robust investigation of crimes such as burglary, theft and shoplifting. There are tough choices to be made and operational leaders may find themselves being pulled in differing directions by local and national strategy.

Targets debate

Targets, or even priority measures, if imposed will not be universally popular. On one hand, some leaders may welcome the introduction of a clearer national direction, but others are more wary as it may not have worked in the past.

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Priorities for 21st century policing

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