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Sussex Police: innovation in local policing

Redesigning the approach to local policing to improve services at lower cost

Whether in protecting vulnerable people, delivering more armed officers to address national threats or policing an international airport with over 40 million passengers a year, Sussex Police faces unprecedented demand for its services.

Any one of these challenges is significant in itself, but Sussex had to address them while finding around £60 million in savings. The force felt that simply cutting existing services would not work; meeting this goal would require a bold transformation to deliver better services for less money.

We were engaged to help the force redesign its approach to local policing. This included looking at how 2,500 staff and officers patrol neighbourhoods, respond to 50,000 calls per month and begin investigating the 100,000 reported crimes per year. The result included strengthening the role of Police Community Support Officers, enabling them to focus on crime prevention and problem solving, and a new public-facing contact team to resolve public queries without requiring an officer to visit.

The joining up of Deloitte’s methods and tools, with Sussex’s operational policing experience, has built an innovative approach to local policing, improved services and, crucially, allowed officers to focus their attention on where it’s more urgently needed.

This was part of a four-year transformation programme and, eighteen months in, the work is on track to deliver financial savings and is successfully reducing the number of officer call-outs.

We wanted someone we could trust; who understood our mission. The Deloitte team worked tirelessly to add value and quality to our work, and provide challenge and innovation to our thinking.

Graeme Kyle, Programme Director, Local Policing Programme, Sussex

The ‘Sussex Police: innovation in local policing’ project has been shortlisted for the Management Consultancies Association’s 2017 Awards in the Performance improvement in the Public Sector category.

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