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Welcome to the Elephant Trap Radar, a podcast series from Alex Massey, Joel Bellman and Deloitte public sector leaders, talking about dilemmas that leaders face when embarking on transformation journeys - and how we can better spot and avoid them.

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Episode 3: When best to tackle the human resistance to change?
In this episode, Alex and Joel are joined by Rob Parker, a Deloitte Partner who leads Deloitte’s Programme Leadership practice. Bringing a fresh dilemma to the table, the trio discuss the human element in transformation and how much Leaders should or should not invest in avoiding human obstruction to change at the beginning of a transformation programme. What if you don’t have the luxury of time on your side? What might the implications of ignoring the ‘psychological safety’ of your teams on the likelihood of success? Listen to this episode to hear perspectives and think about what might be the best approach for you in your organisational context.

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Episode 2: Start from scratch, or use best practice?
In this episode, Alex and Joel ponder the best approaches to transformation, and weigh up the benefits and challenges of starting from scratch vs implementing successful approaches that has been used in another organisation. Arguably, all organisations are unique, so why do leaders often demand examples of where transformation has been delivered successfully elsewhere? Listen to this episode to hear different perspectives on designing transformation approaches and what the elephant traps might be along the way.

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Episode 1: How much change is the right amount of change?
In this episode, Alex and Joel look at scaling transformation and ask, how much change is the right amount of change? How much is enough to ensure that your organisation can truly say it has been through a transformation? Does changing everything at once ‘rock the boat’ too much and lead to inevitable challenges? What might the benefits of agile vs waterfall approaches be in tackling transformation and is experimentation first a helpful way forward for leaders?

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Introduction to the series
What is Transformation? What is an elephant trap? What is this all about? Here Alex and Joel introduce the Elephant Trap Radar series. This podcast introduces the concept of transformation dilemmas and how this series seeks to support leaders be prepared for the big traps that can happen during transformation.

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