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Making London Underground Fit for the Future

Helping TfL create a new customer-focused operating model for tube stations

In a city of nearly ten million, a safe and reliable transport system is crucial. Transport for London (TfL), one of the most instantly recognised brands in the world, is at the heart of the London economy and central to the smooth running of one of Europe’s largest cities.

Keeping the London Underground (LU) moving is highly complex and challenging. More than 1.3 billion journeys were made in 2015/16; the tube carries 4 million passengers - more than the entire population of Wales - every day.

Attempting to change an organisation that has existed for 150 years requires more than just good ideas - it needs meticulous planning, creativity and careful consideration of all the challenges, not least the need to transport passengers safely and reliably across London.

We’ve been working with LU since 2012, when the Fit for the Future - Stations Programme was launched. The aim of the programme was to improve customer service and the way all 270 stations work by looking at the people, process and technology requirements. The outcome has been a radically redesigned operating model, moving staff from ticket offices to the concourses and upgrading processes and technology that have not seen substantial change for over 20 years. The programme is expected to save TfL £50 million a year over the remainder of the business plan.

Although the programme only went live in April 2016, the impact has already been felt across London. Customers say staff are more accessible and can better help them buy the right ticket and plan their journeys. Staff carry iPads showing real-time travel data, and TfL has removed or revised out-of-date processes. It’s all part of a £100 million investment to create a world-class customer experience.

Our role has been to help TfL structure, plan and deliver the programme. We’ve provided a broad range of skills from across the firm, encompassing consulting transformation, real estate, financial management and risk advisory.

Deloitte has been excellent - helping us at all stages of the programme and played a crucial part in the successful delivery.

Gareth Powell, Director of Strategy & Contracted Services

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