A view of the future

Chapter summary

Our 2018 Policing 4.0 report set out the key trends that will shape the world the police are policing in 15 years’ time. These have not changed in the past year, but remain seismic. We still also expect cyclical events to recur. Recession, ‘moral panics’, controversy and large-scale public disorder – will all feature at some point in the coming years.

Technology as the major driver for change

The ‘arms race’ between those who commit crime and those seeking to prevent it is accelerating overtime. Virtually any technology can be used for good or ill, and the perennial challenge for law enforcement is to anticipate and respond effectively to new threats.

Industry 4.0

As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, we still expect to see exponential growth in big data, sensing technologies, cyber physical systems and analytic techniques. These changes will continue to blur boundaries between the physical and digital world, and create hyper-connectivity.

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A view of the future

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