Public Sector Data Leaders Forum Roundtable

15 October 2020

Harnessing the collective power of data leaders to pursue joint solutions for common data challenges

Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, UCL

Surrey and Sussex Police

Department for International Trade

Department for Work and Pensions

UK Government

Department for Education

Metropolitan Police

NHS England and NHS Improvement

Highways England

UK Hydrographic Office

Intellectual Property Office

Open Data Institute

The Practicalities of Data Sharing and the Value that it can Bring

The current economic climate has facilitated commercial value-network collaboration, and this can be extended to improve results for all, via greater data sharing across the Public Sector. How do we remove barriers to ‘Joined-up Government’, and develop a cohesive but considered citizen view which unlocks greater public benefit?

Co-Op Model for Developing Data Capabilities

Data-driven decision making is more crucial than ever, yet the skills and funding to enable this are scarce –even before the pandemic. What new models of delivery can foster the partnerships between suppliers and the Public Sector that enable them to thrive?

Leadership in ‘Datanomics’

Building and providing data services requires significant investment and funding. Public service organisations spend a significant effort in developing business cases to prove value. Joined up leadership at a cross sector level will allow consistency and efficiency in managing the economics of data.

Other Topics

Common Data Models for Citizens, Locations, Trade

Complex Data Programme Delivery; Industrialisation & Scaling of AI & Automation; Data Privacy & Security; Data Ethics

Nadun Muthukumarana
Sponsor and host

Tony King

Sam Bajpai

Kaustav Halder

Alastair Brown