March of the Bots

We are delighted to sponsor the UK Authority’s March of the Bots event.

RPA enables organisations to free up capacity to tackle their tactical priorities. Many commercial sector organisations that have established an automation strategy have done so in response to the same issues the Public Sector is grappling with.

In many cases, Public Sector organisations have delivered traditional efficiency opportunities and now need a more innovative solution. In others, the size of the savings that can be achieved through automation make for a compelling business case. In fact, it’s the size of potential savings that makes us believe RPA has the greatest potential to deliver gains amongst the five key efficiency drivers.

Here are some insights on robotics based on client work, surveys and experience.

The new machinery government
In this environment of unprecedented budgetary pressures and rising demand on public services, where more is increasingly demanded from less, advances in robotics have made automation a viable and innovative way to address the challenges facing the Public Sector today.

The robots are waiting
The value of work done by robots is proven, and confidence in robotics has grown significantly over the last year. The benefits of automation are now better understood with demonstrable and measurable results, and the value of automation lies in its ability to achieve benefits from augmenting as well as replacing human effort. However, despite all of this organisations are still struggling to scale robotic process automation, rising by only 1% to 4% in the last 12 months.

Building on our findings from previous years, the fourth edition of Deloitte’s Global Robotics Report, will explore why we believe organisations are still not managing to scale, and provide insights on how we believe organisations can overcome the common barrier to scale.

The robots are here, meet your digital workforce
This report examines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and its role in shared services and Global Business Services (GBS). Our online survey finds there has now been a sharp increase in the number of organisations that have investigated RPA and that a significant number of organisations have already implemented or piloted RPA.

Digital Disruption Index
The pace of technological change is accelerating. In less than 12 months since we published the last Digital Disruption Index, we have witnessed significant shifts in investment in new technologies, with the likes of artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and blockchain gathering momentum. However, in the rush to keep up, our findings reveal many organisations are yet to develop a coherent strategy for investing in these digital technologies.

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Andy Willmer

Andy Willmer


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