Defence – A balancing act

Geographic growth forecasts

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) functions as the fifth largest government department by budget. Balancing the complexities of keeping our servicemen and women safe as they serve whilst transforming many of the functions and activities of the MOD is an extremely complex task.

Working under the spotlight

Recent years have seen the Ministry of Defence (MOD) ever more in the public spotlight, as events in Afghanistan and Iraq have unfolded and budgetary issues have been repeatedly covered in the national press.

External reports combine with these issues to create competing pressures and objectives that the MOD has to respond to. Examples of recent reports that have added to the complexity include:

  • 2009 Gray Report on defence procurement
  • 2011 Levene Report on MOD structure and management.

Geographic growth forecasts are of key importance for suppliers to the global Aerospace & Defence sector.