Public Sector Policing

Law enforcement – challenges and solutions

The Police Service is undergoing a period of substantial change, as the desire to maintain and even enhance performance and public confidence in the face of significant cost reductions drives forces to find new, innovative ways of delivering services. This is challenging for PCCs, for forces and for other key stakeholders.

Why Deloitte?

We recognise the need to support the Police Service in achieving its goals as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, while incorporating innovation and collaboration wherever possible. 

We combine our team’s deep subject matter expertise with a range of capabilities from across the firm, following the ‘One Deloitte’ approach, in order to provide both practical and deliverable solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

Today we are helping our clients cut costs while delivering at least ‘the same for less’ and, in a number of cases, ‘more for less’.

Our experience includes:

  • Supporting the Metropolitan Police Service in delivering its transformation programme
  • Acting as strategic partner to Hampshire Constabulary to deliver improvements in both operational policing and support services
  • Helping Greater Manchester Police develop and deliver its estate strategy.

We have also:

  • Worked with the four Yorkshire and Humber forces on regional collaboration
  • Helped design a new policing operating model in Scotland
  • Supported the Scottish Police Authority in delivering the i6 Programme
  • Carried out the evaluation of police workforce modernisation for the Home Office.

We are internal auditor to a number of police forces. In addition, we are fronting the thought leadership agenda in relation to Police and Crime Commissioners, with a range of insights either published or planned.

This wealth of experience and knowledge is supported by the specific expertise offered by members of our team, which includes former senior police officers and government policy advisers.

We provide a range of services:

  • Designing new operating models
  • Tax advice
  • Project management support
  • Real estate solutions.

We tailor our responses and offer bespoke approaches to ensure that we are able to meet your needs.

Our solutions

Cost reduction through transformation

Forces need to think more innovatively about service delivery if they are to effectively remove costs without detrimentally impacting performance. The focus should be on transforming services, particularly through the use of technology and new ways of working, rather than process change.


Working together and with other partners can help forces deliver a more cost-effective service, while also providing a more effective response to crime, which increasingly transcends borders.  

Workforce management

With staffing costs typically comprising 80% of budgets, forces need to redesign their workforces and plan for the future by focusing on expected demand, both in terms of size and capability. They also need to provide developmental opportunities to save money and aid staff retention by ensuring that staff are appropriately skilled.  

Estate planning

Property is a significant cost for forces, and in many cases the estates in use are no longer fit for purpose. Forces need to consider how to remove some of the high fixed costs linked to estates, while ensuring their facilities aid modern policing.