London industrial

Taking stock of the capital

Industrial property does not always immediately spring to mind when thinking about the buildings that make up central London, yet the sector is vital to many businesses serving the capital’s needs.

London industrial property has long been one of the strongest performing sectors of the UK property market. As an investment, the case for owning London’s industrial property is extremely compelling. Industrial property is a vital asset to many businesses serving the capital’s needs, but sites are under intense pressure from alternative uses as a growing population places ever greater demands on land.

London industrial is a new report which follows an extensive survey of industrial properties across inner London. Despite offering consistently high returns, this sector has, until now, seen very little detailed analysis. This report for the first time offers a more granular view.
To achieve this we have been surveying street-by-street 14 inner London boroughs. We have identified each industrial property and recorded its key details to create a unique database, which can be viewed and analysed on our interactive tool.
Our research highlights a wide mix of occupier types – 18 in total. Units range in size from less than 1,000 sq ft to more than 100,000 sq ft, but are typically below 5,000 sq ft.
This report covers the main findings from our research, giving a unique view of central London's industrial property sector today.

A detailed look at industrial properties across inner London
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