Manchester Crane Survey 2021

Maintaining momentum

Following what has been undoubtedly a challenging year, what you will notice from our Crane Survey results is that the appetite for new schemes coming forward has remained very resilient, with numbers broadly consistent with the 2020 Survey. The construction sector has been busy during lockdown and all schemes reported last year have continued to be delivered, with many more coming forward during this time. Clearly, the hospitality industry has been acutely affected, with hotel occupancy by tourists at record lows and expenditure in local shops and businesses being limited to online and takeaway. However, irrespective of COVID-19's short term impact on specific business sectors, the long-term demand to encourage more people to live and work in the regional centre remains.

Key findings

  • 35 schemes in total completed during 2020, providing the highest delivery of residential properties since our records began in 2002.
  • Over 12,000 residential units are under construction for the third consecutive year despite almost 5,000 homes delivered to market.
  • 24 new starts were recorded in 2020 - one more than in 2019 - which aligns with our prediction of activity levelling out.
  • 1.2m sq ft of office space was delivered to market last year, which is the highest since 2008.
City Core
Spinningfields / St. John's
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Southern Arc
Central Salford
Eastern Gateway

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