Real Estate Predictions 2017


Real Estate Predictions 2017

What changes lie ahead?

Welcome to the 2017 edition of Deloitte’s predictions for the Real Estate industry. Developed by Deloitte Netherlands, this series examines what changes lie ahead? Discover the Real Estate trends for 2017 that will impact your business. Read about how cyber risk, blockchain, smart mobility and more will affect the real estate industry.

Cyber Risk

Smart buildings are becoming critical to competitive advantage and can also open new revenue streams, energy efficiency and sustainability. However, with the rise of smart buildings new risks emerge as well. One of them is cyber risk.

Read the prediction: Rising cyber risk in real estate through the rise of smart buildings.


What is crowdsourcing, and how is it transforming the real estate industry? Read all about it in our second real estate prediction.

Read the publication:Getting in with the in crowd

Smart Mobility

Car-sharing initiatives are rapidly changing the perception of car ownership and car usage. Combined with the application of autonomous vehicles, that are already operating in some places, this might well be the next game-changer in real estate and area development.

Read the publication: Shared and self-driving cars: a game changer in real estate and area development?

Future of Work

Businesses are investing in automation capabilities which promise to reduce their reliance on people to perform routine tasks. At the same time, many are considering ways to outsource, or crowdsource, certain operations to increase flexibility and cut down on fixed costs. Whichever way you look at it, traditional roles are being fragmented.

Read the prediction: The world of work is being disrupted

Blockchain 2.0

A year ago we launched the blockchain prediction for 2016 ‘Blockchain: the next game changer in Real Estate’, in which we highlighted the great potential of blockchain for the real estate market. Now one year later we believe in this potential even more.

Read the prediction: Blockchain 2017: Done talking, start building


The accuracy of data may be more complicated than generally accepted. Standardisation in real estate data is the prior condition to effectively use the complete data chain. Financial institutions recognise the need for an industry standard and interoperability of real estate data to optimally guarantee quality, safety and consider data to be an asset.

Publish date: Standardisation of real estate data: the need for partnerships


The wider maritime sector is going through a trying time. Low freight rates, bankruptcy in shipping lines and increased waves of consolidation are adding pressure to daily port operations and are forcing ports to reassess their strategies. Within this turbulent environment we expect three main topics to surface and become the center of attention in seaports the coming year.

Read the prediction: 'A changing port scape'

Smart Cities

Technology has been incorporated by cities for many years. However, the pace at which this adoption takes place is increasing rapidly as disruptive digital technologies have the potential to solve major metropolitan challenges. As a consequence, in 2017 we will see a boost in the transformation of urban areas into smart cities.

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