D-Rex: Transform your property footprint

Deloitte's confidential peer-to-peer marketplace for retail property

D-Rex is for consumer-facing businesses wishing to grow, reduce, or reconfigure their physical property estate.

D-Rex can help transform your property footprint

The UK high street faces an unprecedented profitability challenge, with pressures ranging from cost inflation to the rise of eCommerce. Over-extended retailers need to rationalise their property estates; however, publicly listing stores for sale can adversely affect brand perception, employee morale and investor sentiment.

Meanwhile, growing businesses face intense competition for sites in prime locations: beating rivals to the best locations can make or break a growth strategy.

D-Rex (Deloitte Retail Property Exchange) addresses both of these challenges. Occupiers can market properties directly to interested buyers in complete privacy, without revealing their intention to exit. In turn, property seekers gain access to a vast pool of opportunities which might never be listed on the public market.

How does it work?

  • Occupiers: we work with you to build a picture of your existing property portfolio
  • Property Seekers: you tell us about your location search requirements
  • Where a property matches a seeker’s requirements, we share anonymised details; first with the occupier, then, with their consent, with the seeker
  • If (and only if) both parties agree to proceed, we make an introduction
  • That’s it. You can now work directly with the other party to agree a mutually beneficial deal.

How will it help me?


  • Buy or sell property interests in complete privacy
  • Reduce or restructure your portfolio without causing concern to employees or investors
  • Search the market without showing your hand


  • Get ahead of the competition and search for properties before they are listed for sale
  • Put your stores directly in front of buyers in a marketplace specifically designed for, and controlled by, the occupiers themselves

Price discovery

  • Test demand for your stores, and leave the door open to the right offer without committing to sell
  • Find a bargain with the right offer at the right time


  • No subscription fee to pay until July 2018
  • Highly competitive commission rates in the event of a successful deal

Key contacts

Hugo Clark

Hugo Clark

Head of Retail Property Strategy

Hugo is the head of retail property strategy for Deloitte Real Estate with responsibility for providing technical and strategic advice on retail property for occupiers and institutional landlords. As ... More

Dan Dunleavy

Dan Dunleavy

Customer & Channel Analytics Lead

Dan has fourteen years experience, both at Deloitte and within leading Marketing Services providers, specialising in the understanding and use of data in business planning and managing customer relati... More