Family Office Real Estate

Our team provides advice specifically for private investors and comprises real estate tax and financial experts, private client specialists and experienced real estate investment advisors. Whether it’s the sharia compliant financing of an office acquisition, investing in a global real estate fund, or structuring the development of retail and residential mixed use assets (taking into account the inheritance tax implications for the family trust), we care about all our investors’ issues – from those of the ultimate beneficial owner to the bricks and mortar.

Our services

Property investment advisory

Deloitte provides UK real estate advice to families and other investor groups investing in commercial and ‘large scale’ residential opportunities. Our services range from identifying suitable investment opportunities to providing advice throughout the acquisition process.

With considerable property experience, our team ensures our clients are fully briefed on all the issues that pertain to a particular property, including the market dynamics at the time. We focus on long-term relationships, where we give our clients comfort that they have advice that reflects their own aspirations.

Key contact

Philip Parnell (Partner, London)

Lauren Raw (Manager, London)

Tony McCurley (Senior Advisor, London)

Transaction support

Tax advisory

Our real estate tax team offers a wide range of tax advisory services including, but not limited to, pre-bid support, full tax due diligence in order to identify and quantify risks inherited, and tax advice on a suitable holding and financing structure, taking into account both the personal tax implications and real estate tax implications. We also advise on the strategic management of our family office investors’ tax position and optimisation of reliefs such as capital allowances.

Key contacts

Richard Beaumont (Partner, London)

Leonie Webster (Partner, London)

David Brown (Partner, London)

Christina Chan (Partner, Hong Kong)

Douglas Watkinson (Partner, Bristol)

Mandy Yau (Director, London)

Sophie Stoughton (Director, London)

Stephanie Wong (Associate Director, London)

Capital allowances

Now that non-resident investors are within the charge of UK corporation tax from April 2020, restrictions on relief from interest deductions (on both related party and bank debt) will apply. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to focus on other available reliefs, capital allowances being the most important of these. As the largest capital allowances practice in the UK, Deloitte’s team has a particular focus on property investors. They routinely advise clients that have already received capital allowances advice from other advisors and through their specialist expertise in over 90% of the cases are able to pull through significant additional tax shelter.

In the context of the rise in the main rate of corporation tax to 25% from 1 April 2023, optimising the capital allowances position is increasingly important for businesses.  Recent years have seen significant changes in the capital allowances regime, in particular, the introduction of enhanced first year allowances which apply to various plant and machinery investments made up to 31 March 2023 (see here).  Deloitte’s team is uniquely well placed to advise in this area, having liaised closely with HMRC in discussing the operation of the relief.

Key contacts

Peter Millwood (Partner, London)

Pavel Delvig (Director, London)

Adam Cook (Associate Director, London)


Financial advisory

With corporate acquisitions, it is necessary to ensure that you are protected against any inherent risks within the target vehicles. Our financial due diligence and advisory team work together with your lawyers to ensure you obtain sufficient contractual protection and agree an appropriate purchase price mechanism to ensure value items are captured in the purchase price.

Key contacts 

Matt Henderson (Partner, Leeds)

Caroline Waldock (Partner, London)

Shalom DeSouza (Partner, London)

David Hendry (Assistant Director, Leeds)

Investing in hotels

Hotels are a specialist asset class often favoured by families and the investment and operation of hotels require specialist skills. Deloitte has a dedicated hotels team offering a wide range of services underpinned by deep sector and market experience. We provide advisory services to hotel owners, operators, developers and investors around the globe.

Key contacts 

Andreas Scriven (Partner, London)

Adam Powell (Partner, Bristol)