Corporate Occupiers

Whether you are in the public or private sector, an office occupier or a retailer, a large or small employer, our Occupier Advisory team can help you address key business challenges such as: where is the best location for my business? How can I use my property to attract the staff or customers needed to grow? How can I reduce my real estate costs?

We help clients reconfigure their portfolios by disposing of surplus assets and acquiring new space; we work with clients to ensure they have the right processes and people in place to manage their properties; we help them source the optimal supply chain to maintain their assets; and we can advise on a wide range of sustainability issues. 

The London Business Footprint

The way space is used in London is changing. Our London Business Footprint analysed the records of over 18,000 businesses located in central London allowing us to see how the characteristics of the offices that businesses occupy have evolved over the past decade. Read more…

London Futures

The London Futures series focuses on the London economy and what it needs to do to maintain and reinforce its position as a leading global business hub. Our latest report in the programme, Agiletown: the relentless march of technology and London’s response, focuses on the challenges and opportunities that technology presents to London. Read more…