Emerging into a post-lockdown world

Adjusting to the new normal

As our thoughts turn to a world post-lockdown, emerging into the new normal will undoubtedly present a range of challenges but also opportunities for many businesses across Wales and the South West.

June 2021

In our Emerging into a post-lockdown world framework, we present thoughts on areas businesses will have front of mind as they return to work and look to the future.

The framework covers our perspectives on:

  • anticipated challenges and opportunities for businesses
  • looking to the future and the evolving market in corporate resilience, social attitudes, financial environment and technology and data
  • questions business should ask themselves with regard to employees, customers, suppliers and funders

Setting a strategic direction is also covered as this is one of the first things many businesses will be focussing on when emerging post-lockdown.

As historical strategies that previously led businesses to success are likely to be founded – in part or in totality - on assumptions that no longer apply in the new normal, we outline in detail three strategic frameworks businesses may wish to utilise when rebuilding a business strategy in the aftermath of COVID-19. These are:

  1. Five step framework
  2. Cascade of strategic choices
  3. Focussing on critical areas and choices

The framework also covers items for the agenda when business planning and identifies specific work streams to consider in each of the following areas, to enable businesses to come out the other side stronger.

We hope you find the framework report both interesting and useful. We want to continue to support the business community across Wales and the South West with our insight on this topic so do please get in touch with your comments and feedback.

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