Gibraltar Insurance Seminar

Thursday 30th September saw our Annual Motor Insurance Seminar which took place virtually again this year. Firstly we would like to thank our guest speakers, Andrew Parker from DAC Beachcroft who touched upon some of the operational issues relating to the OIC Portal and Monika Sookhee from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission who provided insights into the 2021 areas of supervisory focus for insurance.

Our Tax team touched upon some of the international tax implications faced by captive insurers alongside Alexander Miller and Jonathan Caruana presented our analysis on the 2020 UK Motor Insurance results, ‘the dotties’. Our analysis highlighted some interesting results with our UK peer group outperforming the Gibraltar-based insurers for the first time in a number of years.

Find your copy of the slides presented by our speakers during the seminar here.

Gibraltar Insurance Seminar - September 2021
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