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North West Senior Leadership

Leading from the front

Jo Ahmed, Partner, Global Markets

"The North West has a proven track of expanding globally as well as attracting inward investment from overseas headquartered companies. I will be responsible for showcasing the region to our global contacts and forging commercial relationships across borders."

Telephone: 0161 455 8267

Richard Bell, North West Practice Senior Partner

“With the senior leadership team and the 700 professionals underpinning Deloitte in the North West, we are, with confidence, investing in the future of the region. At Deloitte, we measure ourselves on the impact we have on the success and reputation of our clients and the broader contribution we make to the region. The senior leadership team and I all act with the express intention to add value to our clients and to the regional economy.”

Telephone: 0161 455 6325

Sean Beech, Liverpool Office Senior Partner

“The Liverpool and wider Merseyside area has a long-standing track record of being a pioneer in the world of business. As such, it remains a region of critical importance to Deloitte. In my role as Liverpool Office Senior Partner I aim to ensure that we continue to support the very many vibrant and forward thinking businesses that make a real impact on the region.“

Telephone: 0151 242 9109

Sean Beech

Jodi Birkett, Partner, Communities

“At Deloitte we recognise the importance of having a strong, well connected business community in the North West. My role is to bring together communities of stakeholders who are at the heart of North West business. We believe that by working together we can have an even greater impact on the regional economy.“

Telephone: 0161 455 6313

Heather Crosby, Partner, Financial Institutions and Professional Services 

“The North West region has one of the UK's most dynamic professional communities. I am responsible for helping Deloitte in the North West to maintain strong relationships with the region’s leading financial institutions and professional services firms, be they lenders, lawyers and other finance and business service intermediaries.”

Telephone: 0161 455 8771

Steve Nuttall, Partner, People

"We are people business, our local office enjoys cultural diversity, different generations but also a large range of experiences and backgrounds. Ensuring that Deloitte is a great place to work and develop for everyone is the key focus of my role on the Leadership Team."

Telephone: 0161 455 8573

Chris Robertson, Partner, PLCs

“At Deloitte in the North West we are fortunate to work with some of the largest public companies in the region, and we know from experience the many challenges which PLCs regularly face. My role is to deliver all of the expertise, resources and insight of Deloitte to help our publicly listed clients to continue to be successful, and to increase the positive impact they have on our region.”

Telephone: 0161 455 6448

Andy Westbrook, Partner, Private Markets

“We are extremely proud that many of the UK’s leading privately owned companies call the North West home. At Deloitte we want to help both new and established private companies to grow, expand and pioneer new territory. My role is to make sure that we are doing all we can to make those things happen.”

Telephone: 0161 455 8509

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