Northern Powerhouse

Examining the Super North

HM Government (HMG) has set out an ambition to bring together the great cities, towns and rural communities of the North of England and North Wales to become a powerhouse for our economy. To achieve this HMG has committed to delivering modern transport links, a revolutionary new style of governance and supporting increased investment.

HMG alone cannot make the Northern Powerhouse a reality, establishing partnerships with businesses, institutions and organisations that are passionate about the North.

Northern Powerhouse Partnership

Deloitte have committed to the Northern Powerhouse Partnership - a cabinet office initiative established to increase the impact and contribution of the North of England to the UK economy.

Led by Andrew Percy, the partnership memorandum seeks to encapsulate the spirit of collaborative working and capture the commitments partners will make across the spectrum of programme activities.

A business-led board alongside prominent city leaders will work together to deliver the following objectives:

  • Build advocacy to enable the Northern economy to be greater than a sum of its parts and attract inward investment.
  • Champion the impacts of devolution; innovation; transport improvements; skills and job opportunities; culture and tourism.
  • Demonstrate the North is connected and energised.

Northern blogs

Deloitte will join forces with government to help the North achieve its full potential - and attract new jobs and investment into the region.

Our Northern blogs will champion the North’s strengths, as well as promote new and exciting local developments across investment, innovation, and public policy.

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