Life at Deloitte

Rhys Hughes

Assistant Associate, Deloitte

What made you choose Deloitte?

Last year Deloitte came to my school in Jersey to talk about the Brightstart scheme for school leavers. It ticked every box for me and from what I'd heard from current and past employees the working environment and culture seemed like one I could see myself thriving in, so after some careful thought, I went for it!

Plus, of course, Deloitte is a multinational firm and the reputation and prestige that comes with working for such an organisation is something to be proud of. The business structure is one without a ceiling, and the opportunity to develop and move up through the firm is limitless.

What sort of professional training do you take?

I am studying towards my ACCA qualification, which is a four-year course for me as I am a school leaver.

I started at Deloitte in August this year, and I have already passed my first exam. Trainees hit the ground running, combining work and studying. It’s challenging but not daunting because of all the support you receive from the tutors who are incredibly responsive and always there to answer your questions.

What do you do on an average day?

My role is very client focused, and I often work from the client's office, which might mean travelling off-island to see them. The type of business I work on is very diverse and ranges from small local firms to multinational corporations that span across the world.

To do my job I have to understand the stories behind the figures, really get to know my clients' businesses, and if I do my job well, I will be helping my clients to be successful.

I also have to study, but I am with a group of other trainees - we have a lot of fun together and have already become firm friends.

What is your next step?

My five-year plan is to pass my exams and become a fully qualified accountant by 2021.

By the time I have finished my exams in four years’ time some of my university friends will only just be starting their first job, whereas I will be pressing forward towards promotion. I plan to make the most of the phenomenal experiences I am gaining at such a young age; I have already worked in London on a client site which really boosted my confidence.

My 10-year plan is something I am still working on at the moment, but I am excited about what the future holds.

Considering the experience you now have, what advice would you give?

Firstly, for those who are worried that you need to be a maths whizz to work in finance, you don’t; I wasn’t in the top set at school and my studies are going brilliantly, thanks to the support of my tutors and work colleagues.

I would also advise everyone to think about where you'll be in four years’ time if you do go to university.

If you're likely to go into a finance-based job after university then do think about starting work straight away, where you can study and earn.

Working in the professional industry opens so many doors for you and allows you to network with some of the top professionals in your field. Moreover, working alongside them is key to making the most of your career. Finally, take the challenge of professional working life by the horns and take every opportunity you get to develop yourself because you never know how far a little bit extra can go.

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