Travel for Cambridgeshire Partnership

Putting sustainable travel to the test 

Sustainable travel is an important topic of interest within Deloitte, and so the Cambridge office has joined the Travel for Cambridgeshire Partnership to develop and support this.

Our Cambridge office has joined the Travel for Cambridgeshire (TfC) campaign in a not-for-profit partnership, dedicated to working with Cambridgeshire employers to deliver and promote sustainable and healthy travel to work.

Since joining, the office has held many events including a ‘cycle to work’ scheme in July 2014 which involved lunchtime picnic rides and breakfast mornings to encourage employees to cycle to work. An online survey was also conducted, finding data on travel methods by staff, which helped recognise current travel habits and how we can encourage these to be more sustainable. A number of sustainable travel presentations for employees have also been held in order to build awareness of the issue. As the office is a member of the TfC partnership, all office employees have benefitted from 10% rail ticket discounts. In addition, the Cambridge office was awarded with the ‘Certificate of Endeavour’ for their commitment to developing a travel plan and was presented with this at an official event in Peterborough.

The partnership has saved the Firm money, reduced traffic congestion and so aided the local economy, it has improved the health and wellbeing of employees and boosted productivity as well as enthusiasm. The campaign has also reported positive corporate social responsibility, enhanced the Firm’s reputation and relations with community and overall has helped the environment.

Overall, the partnership has caused a large number of staff on all levels (including Partners and Directors) to use their bicycles for commuting and even attending meetings. Clients now attend meetings and events on bicycles, including the CEO’s from major relationships, and some event joining instructions now also include bike parking details! The office staff have also inputted into the Cambridge Ahead ‘Improving the Quality of Life’ project.

Future plans with this partnership include trialling electric bikes for staff travelling to meetings around the City, holding a ‘bike to work week’, conducting bicycle maintenance sessions and finalising the travel plan.

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