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We are starting to see how COVID-19 has impacted the technology reliant business world. Disruption has been a common occurrence, as well as financial instability and whilst the situation is far from resolved, we have seen fantastic examples of companies entering the ‘Thrive’ phase of recovery.

The cyber risks we have grown familiar with are still around and we’ve seen a need for accelerated implementation of new technology solutions, potentially exposing us to risk and lowering our state of readiness. However, positive use cases are now trending. From increased virtual networking to accelerated technology adoption, businesses are working together and adapting to this new way of working. Cyber security sits at the forefront of this recovery and Cyber leaders can help businesses thrive in this unprecedented new world.

Each month, we will hear from industry experts on their experiences, how they have tacked the challenges COVID-19 has imposed upon them, and most importantly, what their new and successful business model looks like.

Hosted by Deloitte experts and client representatives, we will exchange powerful insights with your peers from across Europe and the Middle East and join our leaders in discussing how this rapidly changing world is impacting our community.

Your Deloitte host

Stephen Bonner
Stephen is a Partner within Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Services practice with over six years of security consulting experience and over 20 years of financial services industry experience. In particular, Stephen ran global information risk teams for a leading universal bank. He was inducted into the InfoSec Hall of Fame 2010 and ranked #1 in Most Influential in Information Security by SC/ISC2 2010.

Webinar 1

15 October 2020
10:00 BST

People Management in a post-COVID ‘work from home’ world
While countries locked down and armies of office workers exchanged their office desk for the kitchen table, managers had to adapt to remote people management. Coffee machine check-ins became formal Zoom meetings and with many employees involved in home schooling efforts, working 9 to 5 went out of the window.

How can our managers focus on people management when their people are all out of sight? Our Deloitte experts shine a light on how to manage your workforce from a distance.

Lessons learned:

  • COVID-19 has forced us to consider, and proved that organisations of many sizes can be location independent. Though tax and employment laws continue to be a challenge to radical structural change we must invest in our people during the recovery from the pandemic.
  • The key success factor in hybrid and remote working environments is to let people work with people. 
    • Firstly, recognise that personal interactions facilitate trust from which you build the rest of the system; we must build in time for fun. 
    • Secondly, empower the transition by enacting radical transparency; making information available to be used by the whole organisation allows teams and individuals to work more independently of the other parts of the organisation regardless of time-zone. 
    • Thirdly, purpose needs constant attention; time, space, and process is needed to facilitate change and ensure cultural changes are actually felt and not just made visible.
  • Hybrid working is a big challenge because it separates those joining meetings virtually from those making connections in the physical room. Research into hybrid working models is needed to demystify the way forwards. It also presents an opportunity to change our learning curriculum and rethink the skillsets needed for thriving in this hybrid environment such as greater emphasis on emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • A common mistake is the over-engineering of culture and working environments. This is mostly unintentional. We must make space to allow for structural and cultural change and put value in small but intentional actions.

Jurrien Mammen
Jurrien leads the NL Cyber Strategy team of Deloitte with 55 young professionals working on a wide range of Cyber topics. His focus is on creating and expanding the Cyber capabilities of our clients, predominantly in Financial Services, Manufacturing and GPS (Government & Public Sector). He has over 15 years of Strategy, Risk management, (Security) Implementation experience. He helps organisations in different industries find sustainable solutions and develop capabilities to better cope with the constant threats faced in Cyber Security. Before joining Deloitte, Jurrien worked at McKinsey&Company and had his own boutique consulting firm for Strategy Development, Training & Coaching using a positive narrative tool called Strengthsfinder.

Mark Vletter
Mark Vletter is a rebel with a cause. He wants to change the way we work, and knows how critical creating the right culture is to achieving his revolution. Mark is a leader of over 125 entrepreneurs with the companies he has founded; Voys, Spindle and VoIPGRID. The business to business companies are active in the internet and telecom sector and have been one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe for many years. Mark is a keynote speaker, blogger and columnist about working without managers and job descriptions, cloud tools and technology, customer and colleague happiness, digital transformation and entrepreneurship. He is also a guest lecturer at Hogeschool Stenden, NHL, The University of Groningen and Hanze University for applied sciences in both their regular business and their MBA program.

Webinar 2

19 November 2020
10:00 BST

Did COVID change the threat landscape? – Fact vs fiction
A lot of things were predicted as COVID-19 started to change the world…Remember the prediction that burglars would become cyber criminals during lockdown? How about realising that some kids turned to hacking instead of online learning? And questioning whether remote working really does make us more vulnerable?

Join us for a session with our threat detection experts and find out what has really changed in the cyber threat landscape. Is there really more for us to be worried about or is it all fiction?


Tim Erridge
Tim has over 19 years of cyber security advisory experience from both Industry and Consulting experience obtained from roles across international SI’s, cyber specialist technology vendors and global boutiques. Currently Tim is the EMEA lead for Deloitte’s Cyber-Financial Crime Fusion initiative, and has formed a Centre of Excellence, with a view to service the increasing market demand for a more proactive and pre-emptive approach to break down the operating silos through enabling and delivering holistic and unified solutions. He has delivered technical services such as penetration testing, and red teaming, as well as being a strategic advisory for Security Operations, Incident Response, Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Management. Tim has also built and run cyber threat intelligence, and threat management teams as well as threat hunting.

Teresa Walsh
Teresa Walsh is the Global Head of Intelligence for FS-ISAC, a consortium of regulated financial institutions with a user base in over 70 countries. Teresa’s team manages the information sharing and finished intelligence analysis service for their members, which includes critical infrastructure firms in multiple countries. Previously, Teresa served as the Europe, Middle East and Africa lead for fraud intelligence and external relationships at JPMorgan. Prior to that, she served as a cyber intelligence analyst for Citigroup in the US and Europe. Teresa began her career as a civilian intelligence analyst with the US Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and holds a master’s in political science with a focus on international relations from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Webinar 3

10 December 2020
10:00 BST

Financial crime, fraud and cyber attacks – A match made on the Dark Web
The international financial crime, fraud, and cyber-attack landscape is rapidly evolving with criminals operating as structured organisations, developing new and complex solutions to achieve their goals. Recently, they found each other.

In this session, Sir Rob Wainwright, former director of Europol will tell us how to defend our organisations against hackers, fraudsters and criminals who joined forces to take down businesses.


Sir Rob Wainwright
Sir Rob Wainwright is a senior partner at Deloitte, working within the firm’s global cyber security and financial crime practice. He previously served as Executive Director of Europol, the European Union law enforcement agency, for almost a decade. Sir Rob has had a 25-year career in intelligence, policing, government, EU and international affairs. In June 2018 he was awarded a Knighthood by HM The Queen for his services to security and policing.

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