Brexit and GDPR: impact of a new deadline and practical steps to take now


Brexit and GDPR: impact of a new deadline and practical steps to take now

A Deloitte Risk Advisory Privacy Services Point of View

After a new Brexit deadline was set to 31 October 2019 and a new UK Prime Minister was appointed, now is a good time for businesses and organisations to double down on their Brexit preparations. Is your business ready to adapt, take new opportunities and mitigate risks?

July, 2019

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The UK decision to leave the EU is the first of its kind. As the past years have proven, it is by no means a clear road ahead. To the contrary, the effects of future developments are likely to remain complex, organisation-specific, and open-ended.

Notwithstanding the uncertainties, which bring risks as well as opportunities, Deloitte believes that preparation is key. Our Deloitte Privacy Services team drafted a point of view about certain preparations we deem worthwhile in the coming period, in order for businesses and organisations alike to keep their personal data dependent processes and services running smoothly.

We brought together the knowledge of our seasoned privacy teams across 13 European countries to pull together this point of view. By working together, we can provide you with scalable privacy services while maintaining a keen eye on national regulatory deviations. Our Brexit professionals are ready to navigate and support your business or organisation through the coming period.

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