Deloitte CISO programme:
Connect, support and lead by example

A space for security leaders to challenge themselves and explore their potential

The role of the CISO is more critical and demanding than ever, and effective leaders are in high demand. We understand this and have created a programme that is tailored to enhance your leadership skills and to help elevate your impact through experiential learning. It has been designed to promote discussion with peers internationally that provoke ideas and challenge your assumptions.

Our CISO programme aims to put the life of a cyber security leader into perspective, enabling you to lead by example, pursue growth and combat the challenges many cyber security leaders face in their world. The programme is international, widening your peer network while maintaining a local personalisation to suit your needs.

Why join our CISO programme?

You have the technical skills, but how do you apply these skills to the everyday situations generated by cyber risk? The CISO programme complements the CISO lifecycle with tools, experiences, international networks and learning opportunities to deal with the daily pressures posed by the role. The programme centres on five key components we believe to be the enablers of success in the Cyber world and beyond.


Growth is about developing your skills and capabilities alongside the evolving requirements of the CISO role. Some of this is tactical; from running large projects to sharpening your edge on non-technical skills. But there are also strategic components; with succession planning, prioritisation and decision-making, and career choices made with a view to your legacy.

Our programme challenges your perspective on growth within the world of cyber.


Stress and strain within the world of a CISO is common, and balancing the shifting demands of cyber security can be challenging. You need a high level of resilience to manage the pressures of expectation, stress and risk that come with executive decisions.

Attention on personal balance is incredibly important, within the programme we focus on personal learning as well as work life balance, especially in the more remote world.


Your role as the CISO relies on leadership and guidance in cyber security – a topic of high importance to both business and stakeholders. This level of leadership goes beyond simply managing others. You need to set the example.

Do you feel like you possess those qualities within yourself? Through the CISO programme you will focus on your personal development and the attributes of a cyber security leader.


As a CISO, you may often feel like you’re acting alone. You’re expected to face the pressure of cyber-attacks and changing risks, whilst still maintaining day-to-day technical credibility.

Through various activities, this component builds on your technical skills including running successful programmes, and keeping a close eye on changing regulatory and cyber threat.


An integral part of your day-to-day life involves making an impact on your Board to gain their trust in the selected security function. The uncertainty of cyber risk often leads to uncertainty in this trust. With expert knowledge at the forefront, influence is often the decider.

Can you successfully influence decision making? Communication, demonstrating positive behaviours and setting high standards for performance are all key.

Our CISO programme is tailored to your needs:

Events and workshops

Throughout the calendar year, you’ll have exclusive access to a variety of themed and industry-focused events that offer new insight, industry expertise and opportunity for discussion. The events will be centred around the five components of the programme: Build, Influence, Grow, Balance and Lead

Insight papers and articles

Staying current has never been so important, these insights focus on you, your leadership and your career path, as well as topics to help maintain your technical credibility.

Bespoke facilitated labs and workshops

As a member of this community there’s opportunity to be nominated for one of our unique labs by your Deloitte contact. We facilitate transition labs, strategic thinking workshops and problem-solving greenhouses to develop your personal growth in role, within a team and across the wider organisation.

International peer-to-peer network

This programme provides a unique opportunity to establish new connections and relationships with peers from all industries across a variety of experience levels and countries.

You will also have access to programme initiatives which can also support and equip your team, as well as benefit wider society.

Join our programme for the full experience


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