The future of controls

Radical change: confidence, intelligence, performance

In our rapidly transforming world, where consequences are far greater, controls are still not working. Despite all the investment and increasing requirements and regulations, controls are not prioritised and they are largely focused on financial reporting. The status quo is broken and a new approach required. Controls typically only become a priority for organisations when they fail, resulting in increasing costs and a reactive approach.

Imagine if controls resulted in better decision-making. This would be a game-changing step for business and we believe it would allow you to enable faster and more confident decisions.

Imagine a common language of risk and control that offers absolute clarity; highly automated and real time control environments—allowing real-time identification of issues and rapid course correction; one source of truth aligned with risk appetite, optimising resource allocation and allowing management to focus on driving growth. We believe that a radically different approach would lead to higher performing organisations.

Please browse our video and white paper, which sets out our views on the control environment of today and ways in which organisations can radically change to bring greater confidence, intelligence and performance.

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