Cyber webinars series 1

Session 1

9 April 2020
10:00 BST

Postcards from the future
Ever wished you had glass ball to see into the future? We are doing just that with our Italian colleagues to understand what a six week lockdown is like, and the likely effects on organisations and their teams.

Speakers: Fabio Ugoste (Intesa Sanpaolo Group CISO), Andrea Rigoni (Partner at Deloitte)

Key takeaways:

  • Transparency is key. It’s vital to build a common understanding of the present situation, and future positives and negatives of transition to help us make informed decisions 
  • Informal conversation is still vital. Make time for unstructured conversation such as coffees, lift talk, walking talk. 
  • Technology isn’t easy. There are new tools, such as Teams, to share articles to align knowledge so ensure everyone uses them consistently.
  • Find a compromise between work and personal life. Accept that we are stressed, and we’re working harder and more productively than ever before, so we need to be careful not to burn out.
  • Focus on solutions that support the long term goal.


Fabio Ugoste
Fabio Ugoste was appointed Head of Cybersecurity and Business Continuity Management Department at Intesa Sanpaolo in 2017. In this crucial role, he is also Information Security Officer for the Intesa Sanpaolo Group with the responsibility of defining and ensuring implementation of Group policies and guidelines on information security, business continuity and fraud prevention according to corporate strategies and objectives, also ensuring direction, coordination and control to the other Group’s Companies and of overseeing the IT security and business continuity risks, also contributing to the operational and reputational risks management.

Andrea Rigoni
Andrea Rigoni has been working in the Cybesercurity and IT Sector for more than 25 years. Andrea is Partner in Deloitte Risk Advisory. He joined Deloitte through the acquisition of his company, Intellium ltd, a spin-off of Booz Allen Hamilton. In 2013 Andrea served the Office of the Italian Prime Minister as Advisor on Cyber Security, leading the Digital Identity Framework initiative (SPID) and supporting the development of the National Cyber Security Strategy. Andrea is also co-author of the Italian National Cyber Security Framework. Andrea has an extensive experience in Cyber Security developed with Governments and Critical Infrastructures in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Session 2

16 April 2020
10:00 BST

Fighting viruses
Can comparisons be made between a health virus and a cyber virus? We explore what we can learn from each other on how to identify and deal with both types of viral risk. Looking further, is there potential for collaboration between these two sectors as the worlds collide to fight COVID-19 and associated cyber crime? Our speakers explore the possibilities of joining forces in the effort against flattening the curve.

Speakers: Lucien Engelen (CEO at Transform), Sir Rob Wainwright (Senior Partner at Deloitte)

Key takeaways:

  • Consider the risks associated with an interconnected world. Virus spread through a network of computers.
  • Tracking and tracing is key when protecting your network from a cyber attack. Where did the incident start? How is it spreading? And how can you contain the infection?
  • Embed computer hygiene as part of culture. 
  • New technology, such as the rollout of 5G, will present great benefit, but also risk. Ensure you’re prepared for the risks to prevent them becoming incidents requiring cure. 
  • Investment in cyber security and readiness are key to preventing an incident becoming a global crisis and much become standard good practice.  


Lucien Engelen
Lucien is the CEO for Transform. Health which operates at the convergence of Innovation & Strategy for executive boards, governments, corporates, and professionals. As the former-founding director of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre REshape Center and advisor to the Board of Directors (2007-2018) and his experience in healthcare, he’s been on the forefront of health(care) innovation for the past 3 decades. As one of the 105 initial LinkedIn Influencers over 830.000 people follow his blog, and in his latest book describes what dramatic change is ahead for health and healthcare. Lucien is also one of the founding members of the Washington Post' "The Collective" on change in health(care).

Sir Rob Wainwright
Sir Rob Wainwright is a senior partner at Deloitte, working within the firm’s global cyber security and financial crime practice. He previously served as Executive Director of Europol, the European Union law enforcement agency, for almost a decade.  Sir Rob has had a 25-year career in intelligence, policing, government, EU and international affairs. In June 2018 he was awarded a Knighthood by HM The Queen for his services to security and policing. 

Session 3

23 April 2020
10:00 BST

Meanwhile in China
In our first session we looked into the future through the eyes of our colleagues in Italy's lock down. Now, we venture even further and join our speakers from China who will tell us how it feels to start getting back to business. Have you tried to imagine life after lockdown? We’ll tell you what it’s really like...

Speakers: Eddie Chiu (Partner at Deloitte), Steven Feng (Partner at Deloitte)

Key takeaways:

  • Whilst many companies have flourished technologically during the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise in the use of technology has increased the cyber threat landscape.
  • Companies that take the protection of data seriously are more likely to survive the pandemic as they become preferred suppliers. 
  • Whilst some countries are starting to return to work, this must be a gradual process, taking into considerations measures needed to ensure safety such as distancing, temperature checks, and tracking applications. 
  • Our new habits, like video calls and online shopping are become the normal and it’s likely many people will continue to adopt these habits going forwards, changing how we live.
  • The rise in cyber incidents taking place is leading to an increased understanding of cyber threats and the need for cyber security.


Eddie Chiu
Mr. Eddie Chiu is the Asia Pacific Lead Partner for Strategic & Reputation Risk services. Eddie is one of the professional services industry pioneers in helping China's regulators and state-owned enterprises with these pre-requisites to transformation and globalisation.

Eddie has led projects for many of China's largest companies across a spectrum of key industry sectors such as energy & resources, telecommunications, real estate and infrastructure. He also frequently shares his experience and insights as a speaker on these topics at major conferences such as those hosted by China Enterprise Confederation, China Info 100 and leading accounting professional organisations.

Steven Feng
Mr. Steven Feng a Cyber Partner in Deloitte Shanghai Office leading the Eastern Region practice. He is also the leading partner of Deloitte National Innovation Program and China Innovation Centre ("Greenhouse").

Steven has more than 20 years of experiences in cyber security consultancy, IT risk management and privacy. He has served a lot of clients encompassing multinational corporations, leading local Chinese private and state-owned enterprises, which cover wide spectrum of industries, including TMT, Life Science, automotive as well as consumer business.

Session 4

30 April 2020
10:00 BST

Keeping up with the supply and demand chain
Imagine a world where offices are shut down, working from home becomes the norm, home internet connections are pushed to their limits and an entire global workforce is looking to VPN into your company network. From additional supply chain demand to the security challenges that come with IT infrastructure changes, we look at how companies and their partners are keeping the business world turning.

Speakers: Dayne Turbitt (SVP & GM for Dell Technologies), William McLeod-Scott (Partner at Deloitte)

Key takeaways:

  • Many companies have been able to fast track their technology developments to respond to the COVID-19 impacts, which has put strain on a broad range of supply chains and company logistics. 
  • Technology challenges have changed from managing initial physical limitations such as RAM space, to the enhances cyber security risk cause by the increase in user end points.
  • Many attackers are using the same tactics as always, but using the COVID-19 topic as their entry point.
  • Looking forwards, work area recovery needs to be considered for situations where change has taken place on a mass scale.
  • Companies need to learn to be agile and flexible. For example, don’t expect change processes to work when changes need to be applied quickly. 
  • Companies will likely continue to change in the future, applying different practices around security, work from home, and budget prioritisation, but cyber security must become a BAU activity.


Dayne Turbitt
Dayne is the SVP & GM for Dell Technologies in the UK and its unified Sales and Partner organisation, leading the organisations work to help customers transform their businesses for the next decade. He is a strong believer in the power of technology to deliver for the benefit of society and is a champion for Dell Technologies in its pioneering sustainable and innovative technology solutions to further human progress.

Dayne campaigns to inspire young people to study and work in STEM as well as championing diversity and inclusion programmes across Dell Technologies in the UK. He is a board member of The Prince’s Trust and leads Dell Technology’s work with the charity, providing mentoring, internships and seed investment to ensure talented young people can access the right opportunities.

He is also committed to stimulating entrepreneurship and leads a number of strategic partnerships with start-up accelerators across the UK focussed on helping entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses.

William McLeod-Scott
William is a Financial Services Partner with over 20 years’ experience primarily with FS regulators, retail and investment banks. He leads Deloitte’s Resilient Practice incorporating Technology Resilience, Cyber Resilience, Contingency Planning, Crisis Management, Exercising and Simulations. He led multiple Recovery and Resolution (RRP) projects for four global banks in the UK and US across a range of areas from Board Governance to Operational Resilience.

He has helped multiple banks consider the impediments to the resolution of their organisations including gaming scenarios to which could interfere/ disrupt with smooth transition.

Session 5

7 May 2020
10:00 BST

Privacy in the time of COVID-19
China citizens have to show a QR code before being allowed to move around. South-Korea is planning to curfew individuals who are breaching the lockdown rules and some countries want to test all citizens for COVID-19 antibodies. Hold on… What about data privacy? Is that even allowed? Our speakers debate the unprecedented measures that are being taken in unprecedented times.

Speakers: Karolina Mojzesowicz (Deputy Head of Unit Data Protection, European Commission), James Leaton Gray (Director of The Privacy Practice), and Anna Pouliou (Partner at Deloitte)

Key takeaways:

  • Rules around privacy will always change because society is constantly evolving based on changes to context, environment, and culture. 
  • We must try to balance the need for accurate and valuable data against the need for privacy and data protection.
  • Employers should be looking to adopt government guidance rather than trying to impose their own rules which may interfere with privacy values and purpose.
  • There will not be a one size fits all solution to protection and rule setting. Pragmatism is important but we must consider individual circumstances.


Karolina Mojzesowicz
Karolina is the deputy head of the unit responsible for data protection at the European Commission (DG Justice and Consumers). She was one of the Commission's representatives in the interinstitutional negotiations with Parliament and Council on the General data Protection Regulation (GDPR). She is now responsible for its implementation in the EU. Mrs Mojzesowicz previously served as a member of the European Commission's Legal Service, focusing on EU Competition law and International Trade law. In that capacity, she represented the Commission in numerous cases before the European Courts and before the WTO panels and Appellate Body. Mrs Mojzesowicz studied law in Poland, the Netherlands and Germany where she obtained her PhD in 2001.

James Leaton Gray

James is the director of The Privacy Practice. An expert in Privacy and Data Protection who uniquely combines this with knowledge and experience in business strategy, policy and press management.

At the Privacy Practice, James provides consultancy services in Data Protection and Privacy. A leading thinker in the policy debates in this vital arena, he is regularly invited to address conferences in the UK and internationally. He specialises in making compliance part of business operations, not a legal tick box exercise. He writes the Privacy Practice Blog shining light onto current issues in Privacy.

For over 10 years James lead the BBC’s Information Policy and Compliance Department, in the BBC’s Legal section. There he oversaw the operation of the Corporation’s systems for compliance with the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts. Before he left the BBC he led the development of privacy and data governance for myBBC as it developed its big data capability. Additionally he provided expert advice on media and privacy and lobbying on the proposed EU GDPR.

Anna Pouliou

Anna is an internationally recognised privacy and data protection expert, and joined the Risk Advisory team as a partner at Deloitte last December. Within the privacy team in Cyber, she is collaborating with Deloitte partners around the world to help our clients with their most complex data protection challenges.
Anna is a qualified attorney with 23 years of experience in senior roles in major international corporations and institutions, such as Chanel, General Electric, First Data Corporation/FISERV, Euroclear Bank, Bank of New York Mellon, and the National Bank of Greece.

Anna is Greek, speaks seven languages and has lived, studied and worked in seven different countries. Since September 2017, she served as a member of the GDPR Multi-Stakeholder Expert Group advising the European Commission on GDPR implementation on behalf of Business Europe.

Anna has been actively involved in the advocacy discussions in Brussels since the birth of the GDPR draft legislation as well as in the international debate on data transfers and the G20 side event on data protection in Japan. She has served as alternate Board member of the Transatlantic Business Council and as a member of the Digital Economy Committee of AmCham EU.

Anna is a member of the Editorial Board of the “Data Protection Leader” legal magazine and a regular speaker and university lecturer on data protection.

Session 6

14 May 2020
10:00 BST

The new normal
Six weeks into our webinar series ‘A cyber perspective on a changing world’ and even further into lockdown. Restrictions are starting to be lifted, the world has changed the way it works… Now what? Is working from home going to become the norm? Can this new IT environment be sustained? Our speakers discuss what the new normal may look like.

Speakers: Emma Smith (Security Director at Vodafone) and Wil Rockall (Partner at Deloitte)

Key takeaways:

  • Cyber attacks have continued and as we move into recovery, we must remain vigilant of new attacks being used to support economic recovery. 
  • Companies must continue to collaborate to support the recovery process with a unified and prioritised approach.
  • It’s vital to focus on the wellbeing of your people. If they’re happy and motivated, your business will continue to function.


Emma Smith
Emma joined Vodafone in 2015 as Group Technology Security Director, responsible for all aspects of information and cyber security. The global security teams in Vodafone are responsible for setting security policy in line with local laws and regulations, implementing new security technologies and controls, securing new products and services and 24x7 cyber defence capabilities. Emma is passionate about security. Specifically, about evolving security to protect customers against changing threats and the opportunity to contribute to improving the safety of the communities we operate in.

Prior to joining Vodafone, Emma was Security Director at the Royal Bank of Scotland for 7 years. In her role, she was responsible for fraud prevention, information & cyber security, intelligence, physical security, business resilience and records management. Before that, she held a number of leadership positions within the Group Internal Audit team and RBS and Royal Mail.

Wil Rockall
Wil is a Partner in the Corporate Cyber Practice at Deloitte. He specialises in security management transformation and SOC, Cyber management. Wil has over 20 years’ experience helping clients improve the way they understand and manage information risk. Much of Wil’s work has been focused on transforming security for large enterprises and he has worked across a number of other industry verticals including Technology, Telecoms, Central / Federal Governments, Health, and Financial Services. He has interest in improving the speed of response in cyber security operations through the use of increased automation and by using techniques such as Machine Learning and advanced analytics and the role threat intelligence can play in improving cyber defense.

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