Financial Services Internal Audit

Planning Priorities 2021



We are delighted to announce the launch of our Financial Services Internal Audit “Planning Priorities 2021” hub and are pleased to share this with you.

As in previous years we have focused on new areas relevant to Internal Audit but also those areas we believe will have greater focus in 2021, recognising that the financial services landscape we operate in has significantly evolved due to the impact of COVID-19. Likewise, we have seen significant developments in the way in which Internal Audit functions look to respond to these changes and increase their focus on providing assurance in a more agile way. Navigating through these turbulent times has also accelerated the plans which many institutions had in place to re-shape and digitise operations, set in the context of potentially the most significant economic challenges that the UK and other global markets have seen in a generation.

In 2021, we anticipate an increased emphasis on digital transformation, with a strong focus on credit risk management and retail conduct following the significant measures the Government put in place to support small and medium sized enterprises and consumers in hardship. We also see the need for continued assurance around preparedness for more regulatory change and critical sustainability considerations.

Key contacts

Russell Davis

Partner, Financial Services Internal Audit, Banking and Capital Markets

Matt Cheetham

Partner, Financial Services Internal Audit

Sarn Saundh

Associate Director, Financial Services Internal Audit

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